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Photographs by Susan Theodore

Susan began exploring the world with her camera almost forty years ago. As she walked through Chicago neighborhoods and around the lakefront, she tried to make visual sense of the streets, buildings and people she encountered. She began capturing images that resonated with her and seemed to evoke memories and emotions in the viewer.

When she moved to Monterey in 2003, she was enchanted by the great visual difference from Chicago. Her first exploration was of the historic missions and adobes, private homes and military installations, fishing boats, wharf activity and sea coast that seemed so foreign to her. Walking in this very different coastal town landscape, she tried to make photographs to attract and hold the attention of an audience, giving each viewer a sense of what she saw and offering them an opportunity to enter into a photograph from their individual perspectives.

As she worked, the images she made became more and more abstract. She attempted to distill the urban landscape into its core emotional components. As you explore the photographs in these galleries, let your mind wander into interesting avenues and byways.

Her work has been exhibited in many galleries on the Monterey Peninsula, as one person shows and in collections. Note cards of her iconic Monterey scenes can be found in the gift shop of the Monterey Museum of Art. Her work may be purchased by contacting: susan@photographsbysusantheodore.com.

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